Our seamless hybrid process can reduce costs, increase space and remove the risk of costly print and mail equipment.

Our ability to integrate postal mailing services with digital communication to create a hybrid mail solution puts us at the leading edge of a corporate print solution. The benefit of using our hybrid mail solution is the flexibility it offers, you can choose to print on plain paper or preprinted stationery. You can add inserts into certain packs depending on the content of the letter and you can achieve postal discounts by us consolidating your mail.

How it works

Let’s say for example that you run a campaign using our Mobile SMS service, but your database holds records which have no phone numbers – or, after an initial broadcast, we discover a quantity of records where the mobile number is permanently invalid.

Using our sophisticated workflow tool you can automatically default that contact process to a letter – using pre-determined letter text, signature and stationery. The letter is automatically printed and posted when a mobile number fails or is not found, without you having to intervene in any way.

Key facts

  • Enable your staff press print on a document that’s fulfilled remotely by our  Print & Post service
  • See what was posted, when, and by whom, thanks to our detailed reporting
  • Manage user profiles to limit the quantity or type of mail that people can send
  • Save your staff from having to spend time stuffing envelopes and taking items  to the post room
  • Allow us to send out documents and information packs on your behalf, so your  agents can move on to the next customer.
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