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For over 30 years AM&M have provided corporate communication solutions for our clients. Outsourcing your communications to us reduces in-house costs, speeds up processes and allows you to use multiple channels to talk to your clients.

We work with you to use the most effective method of communication reducing time and cost to collect revenue. Whether it be SMS, telemarketing, E-mail or print & mail AM&M helps you use the right tool for the right person.

Direct Mail remains one of the most powerful marketing weapons. Research from Royal Mail shows that 83% of people still believe that Direct Mail is easier to consume than email. When coupled with the statistic that 92% of all direct mail is opened and 48% of UK adults take action after receiving it, it’s not surprising that DM is responsible for driving 44% of traffic to brands’ websites

When Direct Mail is integrated with other channels and used as an engine for multi-touch campaigns, it has the potential to transform customer engagement and build long-term brand loyalty.

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Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the UK’s most trusted letters and parcels delivery company. We provide a 6-days-a-week, one-price-goes anywhere postal service across the UK.

Secured Mail

Secured Mail is one of the largest technology enabled e-commerce and postal logistics businesses in the UK. For reliable, fully tracked, efficient delivery.


Ricoh’s range of high-speed, high-capacity printers offers robust solutions for commercial printers and in-house departments alike. Whether you’re after a continuous feed printer for high volume invoice runs or a large format device for exhibition graphics, our energy efficient range provides superior image quality and clever features for specialised tasks


Your business success depends on effective solutions to expand your market reach, efficient work processes to streamline document production, and creative print and electronic offerings that differentiate your company. Whether your business needs integration with your existing workflow processes or complete redesign to support customer demands, our workflow solutions can help you produce more jobs, reduce your costs and enhance your customer journey.

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